Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's a New Year

I think if I looked back, each post for the last year would begin with "wow, time has sure gone by..." or something similar to it!  2013 went WAY too fast.  2013 was a good year to us... full of firsts, lots of joy, and making memories.  Which is my always a goal to create many, many memories!!!
Grace and Faith started school.  Still sounds SO crazy for me to say out loud considering their beginning.  I also started working again.  Which seems equally crazy to say.... that means my babies are getting old :(  But even as they get older, I find myself enjoying the days more and more.  I'm so sad at how fast the time has gone by but, my oh my, these girls are so precious!!

We ended the year out to dinner first.  We had been given and Olive Garden gift certificate for Christmas so we decided to use it.  I'm not the biggest OG fan, but I got this meatball sandwich and it was pretty good :)
Lance and I both picked the same thing from the menu... we laugh at how much we are becoming more and more alike.  I love this man!!!
Afterwards we went home to have a "camp out!
We all made a huge bed and camped out on our living room floor.  All four of us stayed up till midnight {can hardly believe what party animals my girls are!} and kissed and watched the fireworks :)  It was so fun!!

Today we started off by getting Christmas stuff put away and then went to my in-laws for our annual "tar-heel" dinner.  
Ham, collard greens, black-eyed peas, and some garlic mashed potatoes.  Its so so good.  My mother in law is the best!!!!
My niece Sarah Lynn and I after dinner.  Isn't she so beautiful!!!  I can hardly believe how grown up and what a great young lady she is turning out to be.  Love her!!!!!

I am so excited to see what God unfolds for us in this coming year.  There are some big changes on our horizon, scary and exciting :)  I'd just love to be able to write here more often.  And I'm truly so thankful for this little time to reflect on our family, all the great things the Lord has done, and write it all out.
My desire in 2014 is to glorify God with every little and big thing I do and say.  I want to grow and know more of who He is, every single day.  Pray for me!
Happy New Year :)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

An Update :)

WOW...I cannot believe it is already October.  This year is going by SO fast.
Many things are going well here!  Grace and Faith are adjusting to Kindergarten, the routine of that, and becoming more acquainted with "going to school".

Grace LOVES it.  She tells me stories everyday.  Yesterday she says she was playing outside with a jump rope when a boy took it from her, so she took it back and he pushed her down.  I asked her what she did after that and she says "I was sad and I looked for you but I couldn't find you on the playground".  I seriously broke in a million pieces after that :(  Sad mama heart.  I am thankful she is learning some independence and how to handle situations on her own.  She tells me EVERY kid who doesn't make good choices at school.  Her teacher uses a rainbow chart which is pretty standard for the entire school and Grace LOVES to tell me she stayed at the top of the rainbow chart.  She has been moved down once before for clicking her tongue during quiet time, and she was so sad about that.  ha!!!!
Grace and Faith before church this morning!!! So blessed!!! @mrlancejay
Faith is adjusting well too, and she says she likes Kindergarten, but it's been a bit harder with her.  We have been diligently praying and seeking the Lord's wisdom in this.  We believe this could be a great thing for Faith, but there are some bumps we are navigating and as her mom, it just makes me question every single decision.  But, she loves "school" stuff and this kid literally writes, colors, draws and "makes projects" ALL day long.  She has a stock pile in our stapler, yarn, glue, and all the glitter a girl can ask for.  We have "door hangers" on every door in our house from all the "projects" she makes.  So school comes very naturally to her and she loves to do it.

Both the girls are reading now.  We are working with the BOB Books, and Faith is on book 6 and Grace is on 5.  They LOVE to read, which I'm so thankful for.  I LOVE to read too, so I'm glad they enjoy it too.... a good healthy habit :)
Love my girls soooo much!!!!!! We pray every morning together before school. One of my favorite times of the day!!! @mrlancejay
I am SO thankful I get to take my babies to school every day.  We pray together every morning before school and I LOVE this time with them.  It's been a sweet blessing to my heart to hear their conversations with God grow over time.  Grace has been asking more about heaven and hell and asking about Jesus living in our hearts.... and what salvation means.  She doesn't quite understand right now.... she says she doesn't want to die and go to heaven because she will miss us.  We were talking about it one day last week, and I told her mommy and daddy will spend forever and ever with Jesus when we die, and she says "but mama, will God have a bed for me in heaven?"  SO precious to hear what her little heart is thinking :)

God has blessed me GREATLY with these two girls, and my husband!!!!!

Friday, September 13, 2013


Whew.... last week was rough!!  I am SO thankful today is Friday and we are starting again after a little break.
 Faith and Grace's first day of kindergarten!! I cant believe this real. We prayed this morning. I will miss them SO much!!! @mrlancejay #ifyouneedmeIwillbecryinginmycar
Grace is LOVING kindergarten.  She is so social and loves people so I'm really not surprised.  This girl is non-stop!!  It's always funny when people comment on how busy she is.  It's really an understatement :)  She is also the sweetest and most tender hearted little girl I know.  I just cherish her love for other people!!!!  She also tells us everything.  If she overhears anything, or sees anything at all, she will always tell us.  Good or bad.  And her memory is impeccable!!!!!!!

Last Thursday, the second day of school, when I picked her up she began telling me about her day.  She said they had music class and she found a xylophone but wasn't supposed to touch it, but touched it anyways.  The music teacher asked her not to play with it, so when she did her teacher ended up walking her back to class so they could talk one on one about following directions.
As Grace was telling me this story, she says she didn't make a good choice and touched the xylophone when the music teacher asked her not too.  She continues to tell me she needed to give me a token back when we get home (we use a token system for a behaviors/chores.  They receive one token to put in their mini treasure chest for good behavior/good choices and doing their chores and have to give one back if they make a bad choice/don't do chores.  Goal is to get 10 at the end of the day so they get to pick the books we read) and then stops herself, and says "actually, I need to give you two tokens because I made a bad choice and I cried about it".  Bless her heart.  She is just precious!!!!
Her teacher told me because it was the second day of school they were bringing the kids out to talk verses talking in the music class so they weren't distracted.
On Friday she told me she got lost at school.  They eat lunch in the cafeteria on special days and somehow she got lost from her class.  She went to recess looking for them, and saw Faith instead.  Then she tells me she saw other kids playing soccer (which she is dying to play but can't because of her eyes) and so she went to go play with them but they told her she wasn't old enough... she says "mom, I just need to grow to be as big as you first then I can play".  Seriously... so, so sweet!!!  Thankfully another teacher saw her misplaced at the older kids recess time and got her back to class.  That was only day 3.

Faith, is having a much harder time.... and so is her mama.  Last week was so very hard.  I literally wanted to give up and homeschool.  I'm SO thankful my husband is a strong leader.
With Faith's hearing loss, and her auditory neuropathy, it just makes things so much more complicated.  Faith does amazing in familiar and routined environments.  But that is it.  She was crying on Wednesday night, and Thursday morning and I couldn't understand what she was saying.  She was attached to me on Thursday, did not want to go to school, begging to stay with me... which is VERY unusual for her.  She is always more shy and timid in new places or new people but once she warms up, she is great, and it doesn't take long.  Like the easiest kid ever!!  Thursday morning was awful.  I cried all day.  Questioning every decision we have ever made.

I talked for a long time with our Auditory Verbal Therapist and Speech Language Pathologist about her opinion of the classroom for Faith.  We have been praying and trying to understand what kind of placement, if any, is a good fit for Faith.  And where to go from here..... There have been several things that have raised some yellow flags with us.... nothing serious, but we are pursing information.  We believe this program could be SOOO good for Faith, but we just have some small hurdles to get over first.  And that requires meetings, and paperwork.
Thankfully we have a FANTASTIC SLP who wants to come up and tour Faith's class and get a feel for if this is the best place for her too.

I really like Grace and Faith in separate classes.  It has really given them both confidence in themselves.... particularly Faith who is so dependent on following.  They see each other every morning when I drop them off, and occasionally at recess which I hear is the sweetest thing as they both run to each other and hug!!!!

Grace keeps talking about this boy Kaeden in her class who she always wants to sit by because he  goes to church too.  One of my biggest prayers is Grace and Faith would be a light into this world, and they will proclaim Jesus in their all. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Kindergarten Program for Faith

Can you believe it's been over a month since last time.....
I feel so overwhelmed with all I want to share, but before I work on that, I HAVE to share this picture.  And just pretend it's not crooked :)
Faith and Grace at Kindergarten round up this morning!! School starts tomorrow!!  #howcanmybabiesbegoingintokindergarten #alwaysmybabies #twins #graceandfaith2013
Our BABIES are starting their first day of Kindergarten tomorrow.  SERIOUSLY!!!!  I can hardly believe this is happening.  And I swear I will be the mom that sits in the parking lot balling my eyes out until I can pick them up.  I wish I was kidding.

I've had many battles over this, which mostly consist of me stepping out of my flesh and trusting God's way is far, far greater than mine.  But this hasn't been an easy thing to overcome.  I'm so thankful God is patient with me.

I've previously shared that Faith is attending a deaf/hard of hearing program at a near by school, and Grace will be mainstreamed in the same school, with some adaptive help.  We prayed about this for months.  And really believed this was the path He was leading us down.
I preface with that, because had I known then, what I know now, I'm not sure we would have taken this path, but merely because of myself.

God is amazing.  It doesn't even seem like a big enough word to describe God's power, grace, and love for us.  I am constantly in awe of His work.  Even the tiny pieces that seem so insignificant to me, become so clearly a part of His greater plan. 
God is so gracious to me and reveals His truth to me just when I need it.

At this point, we are just going to try it.  The class will be really good for Faith, and we are hoping she will be able to get mainstreamed for P.E. and morning circle time. But that will come in time, after we amend the IEP. 

After meeting Faith's teacher, we went over to meet Graces teacher and see her class.  Grace will have a great time and just LOVE Kindergarten I'm sure :)  They are both VERY excited and I will be able to take them and pick them up and they will have lunch with me every day at work :)

Grace & Faith also turned 6 years old last month.  So crazy how fast 6 years have gone by.  I cringe at thinking how fast this school year will go...

Many updates coming.... I am determined to finish this year off with a completely updated blog-book!!! ;)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Happy Saturday!!

Grace and Faith making saturday morning pancakes!! :-) #twins #whendidmybabiesgetsobig #lovethemsoverymuch
Grace and Faith love to have pancakes on Saturday mornings :)  They are always wanting to help cook or bake, clean with me or put things away (except their toys...hmmm).  I have just LOVED age 5, it's really been the age where I have noticed less and less correction of behavior and more of understanding the world.  And it's been so fun so see their joy!!!
I love my babies so so sooooooo very much!!!!!!!

Also, I know I am the last person to mention this, but as most of you know google friend connect no longer exists.  If you'd like to stay connected, you can follow my blog via bloglovin'.  Just click the icon below :)

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