Friday, November 30, 2012

40th Birthday!!

At the end of October (still catching up...ha!!!) my husband turned 40!  I was SOOO confused what exactly I wanted to do to celebrate him.  I kept going back and forth from a big 40th bash to a "just the two of us" getaway...just couldn't decide.
Until I saw this groupon for a murder mystery cruise....this production team puts on a interactive play while we cruise around the bay.  What really interested me was how they 'set up' people aboard the cruise who don't know....LOVE this!!!!!
Lances Birthday
I surprised him by planning a 'just the two of us getaway' but had things planned in along the way ;)  I booked tickets for the cruise and a hotel. It was a TOTAL surprise to him...he didn't know where we were going until we got there.  I also called my in-laws to be apart of this cruise, which was wonderful!!  My mother in law LOVES attention and I also didn't tell her I set up Lance to be a suspect on the dinner it was hilarious to see her reaction and watch him squirm a little ;)  She is so fun with stuff like this!!!!!
Lances Birthday 04
The cruise was SOOO nice...and the food was great!!  I loved this time with my in-laws and my husband to celebrate him!!!  I love them sooo much.
Lances Birthday 03
My man and I!!  This was before he was a 'suspect' :) :) :)
Lances Birthday 02
{sorry these photos are SO bad.  I used my pocket camera and zoomed in quite a bit}

He handled it like a pro.  He does well in 'off the cuff' situations and is quite witty.  It was funny.  There were 9 suspects total (of others who were set up) and it came down to the final three before he was 'acquitted'.  haha!!!
 Daddys BIrthday Dinner 02
The next day, we came home and celebrated with our girls.  They get SOOOOO excited for birthdays and had been counting down all week for it.  So we went to our favorite restaurant (red lobster!!) and had dinner.
Daddys Birthday Dinner 01
I had the restaurant sing happy birthday to him...just for the girls ;)
It was a GREAT weekend, and I am so thankful to my sweet friends Shelbi and Michele who watched the girls for us so we could enjoy this weekend!!!

I am SOOOOO in LOVE with my husband, and SOOO thankful for him!!!!