Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving this year was SO wonderful!!!  We had dinner at our house with my  in-laws and my baby brother.  I guess he's definitely not a baby anymore...he'll be 23 next week...but it's hard to believe he's not so little anymore.  ha!  I clearly have a hard time with kids getting old ;)
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My brother Zach, Grace, Faith, and myself!! I am still wearing my apron because I was still cooking..just took a little break :)
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Here is my handsome, yet ridiculous husband preparing the Turkey!  I have NO idea what he was doing there.. :)
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The girls and I made our grandmas famous butterhorns!!!  Grandma made THE BEST butterhorn rolls EVER!!!  Its SOOO important to me that my girls grow up making them and sharing in apart of my grandma. They were "delicious" according to grace ;)
My baby brother and I :)
Sadly I didn't get any pictures while our family was actually at our house.  My brother had been up awhile before dinner started so we goofed around a lot.  I didn't get any photos of my inlaws, the food, the girls...nothing :( :( :(  I didn't even pull out my camera...all these pics are from my phone.  SAD!!

It was a wonderful, non-stressful day, and I am SOOOO thankful for everything the Lord has blessed us with!!!