Monday, December 17, 2012

Church Christmas Program :)

Yesterday was the girls Christmas Program at Church.  It was SOOO adorable!!  All the kids did an amazing job and I had keep fighting back tears the entire program!!!!
Grace and Faith are the top left :) Here is one of the song they cute!!!!  It was lagging my blog to load all the videos so I just added this one! 

It started off the with kids 2-5 singing a few songs (the group my girls are in), then the older kids (1-5th grade) came out.  It was so moving and humbling to see and hear these kids sing praises to the Lord.  I was crying at this point, just watching all these precious kids who used to be in the nursery with me now growing up, and loving the Lord in such a powerful way.  There were puppets who shared the gospel :)  Which my girls LOVED!!!  The kids costumes were AMAZING.

I am soooooooooo thankful to everyone who dedicated so much time, and selflessly devoted so much effort into this during the busy time of Christmas.  We loved it!!!!!!