Thursday, December 20, 2012

IEP School District Update (long overdue)

Thank you to everyone who prayed for our family last week regarding our school district.  It means SO much to me that people are praying for us, even for something so small, compared to all the hurt in this world.  I am truly grateful.

Back in September I requested an IEP meeting.  Up till that point, we've always gone with the flow of things related to her IEP.  For the most part because we were still learning Faith too.  It was hard for us to say, or request a lot because most of Faith was (and is) so questionable related to her hearing loss/auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder.  Once she received the cochlear implant, and her progress became what it is, we realized that not only does she need very specific speech services that are accurate for her hearing loss, but also for her ANSD and her speech apraxia.

I haven't' talked much of her speech apraxia on here, honestly all this is just so overwhelming...but HERE is a great resource/information about it.  Faith has a pretty severe case of this, on top of her ANSD, which is why it is critical for her to be with an SLP (speech language pathologist) who has extensive training in this to help her.

There are a few programs around our area here.  The one we were hoping to get her into is a deaf/hard of hearing (d/hoh) program in a nearby town.  It is at a school, so Grace would be able to attend as a gen ed (general education) student with an adaptive IEP for her vision and some other adaptive skills they are questioning....bleh!

The battle we've been in is regarding this d/hoh program as our district has expressed their desire to meet her needs in district, rather than the out of district program.  As I've said several times before, the relentless tail spin we were on fighting this was nothing short of ridiculous!!  The bottom line comes down to finances, which makes me even more mad.

I had made contact with the d/hoh program prior to our team meeting and was able to very briefly talk about Faith, her 'case' and see if they had programs for pre-k age.  It was expressed to me that they do not have pre-k age, that their program runs k-6th grade but because Faith is Kindergarten grade (she was 5 in August) they would enroll her as a kindergartner and re-enroll next year when she actually is in kindergarten. 

We had a meeting last week.  My husband was able to go, and we were able to make a bit of progress.  Finally!!!  I shared with them that I had talked to the special education director at that school district and she was able to inform me of the program outline.  Our conversation went very well!!!  They were very willing to set us up with a tour to visit the d/hoh program and begin to move forward with getting Faith transferred there :)

The one thing they did say was that we were out of compliance with not having Faith receive any services while waiting for appropriate placement.  Lance and I had requested that Faith get services appropriate for what she needs and not meet with the school SLP as that wouldn't help her any.  So Faith will have to meet with the schools SLP until we can finalize her placement.   Does anyone have specific information regarding compliance with IEP's?

We are continuing to pray for the Lord to do His will.  That He would calm my heart, make his path clear to us, and go before us.  I keep hearing the Lord whisper to me to be still in Him.  And I trying to focus on that during these hurdles.  As Faith's mom, it is so hard to know when and how much to step out, or advocate, and remain faithful to what God is doing and not get in His way. 
So I'll just be Him.

*update since I wrote this post (and didn't publish) -
Our team emailed us yesterday that things are changing again.  Please be in prayer for us to know where to go.  Truthfully, I am just exhausted.  I feel like I've reached my peak of trying to know how to help her....


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