Monday, December 10, 2012


Ohhhh life, just remains as busy as ever.  Our days are filled with so much fun and joy, but always busy....
Today though, my sweet Grace stayed home from pre-k.  She has been up the last 5 nights all night long.  She either has been getting into our bed all throughout the night or crying in her bed "I need my mommy".  I get up and snuggle her for a bit and the cycle repeats every 30 min to an hour :( 
She's been acting fine during the day, every day, but finally last night she said her ear hurts so I'm taking her to our pediatrician in a few minutes.  I have a history with chronic ear infections so I'm super sensitive to her pain.
Snuggling my sweet girl who is home from Pre-K today. Going to ped for possible ear infection :( #fb
My sweet girl and I snuggling this morning :)  She is wearing her contacts!!

I am caught up on every single photoshoot now (YAY!!) and just working on our christmas cards....very late!!  I am behind on them, but they'll be super cute ;)

Would you all remain in prayer for us about Faith and our school district.  We have another meeting on Wednesday, we have not be able to come to agreement....this is just an awful experience!!!  I cannot tell you how THANKFUL I am to everyone who has emailed me with advice and sweet words.  I know I haven't replied to everyone, but your help has guided us into finding assistance.  I am praying we can conclude this ugly mess this week, but we will not give up on our daughter.  My husband is coming and will make sure her needs are appropriately met.  
Once this is completed I will share a bit more...but please pray with us.  For our minds to be focused on the will of the Lord through all of this.  And He would pave us as He wants us...and our hearts would remain steady on Him!!!