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Monday, August 22, 2011

4th Birthday Party!!!

I can hardly believe we just celebrated our girls 4th birthday.  Lance and I were talking all day about how quickly these past 4 years have gone.
Our precious girls...growing into sweet young girls.
It's bittersweet.
girls4thbirthday5 On Saturday we have some friends and family over to celebrate Grace & Faith's birthday.  They were SO excited for all their friends to come over.  They talked about it all week.
004 I made princess cookies and cupcakes for them.  My friend Vil made princess cake pops...SO cute!!!  I got a picture but accidentally deleted it..ugh
My parents got Grace & Faith a princess bike for their birthday.  It's their first "big girl bike" with training wheels.  We gave it to them before the party started.  They were THRILLED!!!  All they have talked about is riding them. ha!
013 There were about 70 people here throughout the day.  We always grill out and enjoy the time to fellowship with each other.  
Grace and Faith are finally starting to understand what a birthday party is, so this year was SO fun for them.  They have wanted people to sing "happy birthday" to them for soooo long and really looking forward to that part.  It's funny really. 
They each got super messy, and had lots of fun with the cupcakes :-)
Untitled-2 Grace
Thank you to EVERYONE who came out and celebrated our precious girls with us!  We love you and are SOOO thankful for you!!!  Grace and Faith had a wonderful time and were a little sad when the day was over.  ha!
ohhh, to be 4 again :-)
010 and this is what happens when your camera is left unattended...ha! :-)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Been A Long Day

I've been sitting here, trying to put words together to share exactly what is going on within our family right now...
but I have nothing.
No thoughts. No words.
I'm simply waiting for Faith's oxygen to stabilize a bit before I head off to bed.

Today has been a LONG day.
My husband is quite sick.
Faithy is not eating, her fever has been 105 since Sunday, she throws up anytime she even glances at food...
And just as I was about get the girls to bed tonight, Grace started screaming that her ear hurt.

Fortunately I was able to get her into the walk in before they closed and she indeed does have an ear infection :(
Poor girl.

Good thing I got in some holiday baking therapy today :)


Monday, October 18, 2010

LOTS of Good Stuff :)

Oh, wow...what a whirlwind of the the last few weeks!  Getting into this new routine of ours has been wonderful and challenging at the same time. 

* We finally have a working PC again, and after days of restoring everything from one to the other, I can finally say I'll be back to blogging again :)  AND I never want to fix another computer as long as I live {except I'll forget I said that next week} :)

* I have been busy baking a lot these days!  It is extremely therapeutic for me.
Since Halloween is coming I was experimenting with some designs {spider webs & pumpkins} :)
I made this batch for Grace & Faith's teachers and the office staff at their school...I really love them! 
I made apples, crayons, & school bus {I somehow missed getting a picture of those}.

* Lance's birthday is in a couple days :)

* If you follow my tweets, you'll know we had a pretty rough day last week, getting some unexpected news, which isn't in good favor for Faith.  I'll post about it soon, but please be in prayer as we navigate through this, knowing God, is perfect in His plan & timing.

* Also, I'll be locking my tweets to private, which means you'll need a twitter account to continue to 'follow'.  It's easy & free :)  Unfortunately there has been a lot of spam out there recently, and I want no part in that.  

* I took a coupon class last week hosted by my dear friend Kayla...oh gracious, it is SO fun...and a small part time job :)  Learning how to coupon {I've always used coupons, but this taught us how to match up & get the BEST discount, along with SO many other tips}, and which stores are the best to get's amazing!

* Grace & Faith learned this cute little song at preschool called 'Special Me'.  I think they sing it everyday before leaving class, and Grace has been singing it all weekend...oh goodness, it is SO adorable!!!

* I promise I'll be returning all emails this week :)

* Since I'm extra crazy and think I have endless time in my days, I'm also creating a new design for my blog.  I always say I dislike working with HTML's but I can't help myself :)  I am super excited about it's a cute fallish look :)  but I will take a couple weeks to be in place!

* Which reminds me of how thankful I am for FF {Firefox} over IE {Internet Explorer}.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Random {ness}

* We toured one of the preschools from the school district last Friday.  It was exciting and emotional for me, as I watched my babies holding hands walking into a school...
I know they need this, but I just want them to stay my babies!!!

* My friend Amy and I catered a dinner for a youth activity at our church on Friday night.  We had such a good time, but my feet still hurt :)

* My girls are the sweetest little girls EVER!!!  

* On Saturday there was a bridal shower for our friend Michele.  I made 8 batches of wedding cookies.

* I could use your prayers about a situation surrounding feelings {I have a post sitting in my publisher regarding friends & feelings waiting to be published...}.

* I let the girls play in dirt last week...which is completely out of character of me.  I don't get along with being messy.  But it was perfect watching how much they enjoyed it :)

* During the months my girls were in the NICU I listed to a hymn 'There Is A Fountain' the drive there and back, over & over again.  Yesterday at church during music practice a couple of woman were rehearsing this song as a special...and I started balling to the point of not being able to talk.
I definitely might need to look into therapy....HA!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Last Friday Night, my friend Alyssa and I had hosted a baby shower for our friend Lyndie, and her second little boy Joshua, at Lyndie's mom's house!


This was the sweets table!  I made the cookies & cupcakes and another friend Danielle, made the cupcake toppers.


I had ordered toppers from an etsy shop a few weeks ago, but she had a family death and closed her shop temporarily.  Fortunately Danielle rescued me at the last minute.  And she is SO talented, and you can see :)


Cookies!  They are naming him Joshua, so I made 'J' jerseys.  Along with footballs and airplanes.



Some of the guests at Lyndie's mom's house :)


I also made this cookie flower pot as a gift to one of the games.  I didn't get a good shot of the cute pot {that Danielle picked out} but you get the idea.  This was so much fun!


Me and the glowing mom to be :)

The last time Lyndie was I was.  She was due in September, and I was in December 2007.  Only we all know what happened with my premature labor and the girls being born in August.  This time held a lot of sweet memories as I watched her belly grow remembering the things we did, and different events we did, or couldn't do because of our pregnancys.  Although I really enjoyed not throwing up every single thing I ate for 21 weeks like I did last time...HA! 
{Lyndie and I were just talking about how miserably sick I was during my pregnancy on Sunday}

Lynide, I am so thankful for your friendship, and your love for the Lord.  I have loved being apart of Noah's last 2 {almost 3} years and his special nose/face planting stuff with me!  I love you so much!

Monday, March 8, 2010

It Makes Me So Happy!

These past few days I've been trying to keep my mind busy...not think to much about what is happening in our family, and just let the Lord guide me through.  Really, I'm just avoiding dealing with it.
I know, I know...

But, my dear sweet friend made me so happy yesterday, when my husband came home from church with a special box for me {from her}!  What I found inside made my day.  And I was completely giddy :)


Not the cookie dough....
Cookie cutters, icing bags, decorating tips & icing coloring!!!

A few weeks ago I took a cookie class to learn how to make the best sugar cookies ever & decorate them.  And I've been making two batches of cookies every week {much to my husbands dismay...because he eats to many.  HA!}

I've been having so much fun.  And this week, it's been extremely therapeutic for me {along with running 4 miles every day}!  I am hooked on the decorating part.  I am obsessed with Michaels right now.  Although I haven't stepped foot in the door {i just gaze online}, no need for me to drool all over the store  :)
Oh, and Wilton' amazing!


The brown is actually chocolate icing...sooooo yummy!!!
Thank you Leslie, for thinking of me, and cheering me up!  I love you!